Monday, November 3, 2014

The Forest - Magical Story for Kids

Hi everyone:) 
Today I want to write about a new, very young writer:)
He is 11 years old now, and I'm his mom (proud mom) :)
Dominik has a big passion for reading books, he is very creative 
and has a big imagination. 
"The Forest" was published yesterday on lulu
and you can find this book here:

Dominik also loves to play minecraft (and has his own server), he of course
uses his imagination to write a story.
He wrote a story about minecraft :

Have a nice evening!:)


  1. Niesamowite! to taki zdolny jest Dominik? Pogratulować i oby tak dalej!

  2. Dzieki Rebeca:) a Dominik robi to co lubi i to jest chyba najwazniejsze:)

  3. Dominik wrote not just one, but two books!? I'm speechless. Congrats, boy...keep on doing this!