Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Funny Cartoon Hedgehog

Today I want to show you...
hedgehog evolution:
watercolor hedgehog

vector hedgehog- first version

vector hedgehog-as a party animal;)
-second version

vector hedgehog who loves confetti;)
- third version

I really do not remeber when exactly
I drew my hedgehog a first time.
But for sure it was about...
20 - 15 years ago.
He was living in my memory,
and now I drew him again,
and again,
and again;)

Now I bring him to real life
and I started designing
many things with this creature:)
For examlpe:
t-shirts, birthday invitations and cards,
stickers, etc...
In a short time I'll show
some of these things.

Have a nice evening!

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