Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Handmade Card for a Teen Boy:) / Recznie Wykonana Kartka dla Nastolatka

Today is my son's birthday:)
...but this is a special birthday-
his first teen birthday.
So...I made a birthday card for 
my Dominik:
His favorite color is purple:)
and this is inside the card.
Dominik loves Minecraft, so I draw
his own character from this game.
He said that he lkes this card-
thanks Dominik!;)

Thank you for your time:)
Have a nice evening!:)


  1. aż sie mieni w oczach od tej kratki :) ładne kolorki i ramka, tv natomiast przypomina mi stare telewizory z dzieciństwa...

  2. ano;) telewizor rysowany z pamieci-hihi

  3. Wonderful! I especially like the tv frame for the photo for the cover, very nice! I'm not surprised he loved that!