Monday, January 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Monogrammed Gifts

It's only one month left
to celebrate Valentine's Day:)
so...I designed some personalized
gifts for lovers :)

First I want to show you something cute
and soft:

I think that this is ideal gift for
Valentine's Day.
You can personalize this pillow with your 

and here is a wallet
with lots of hearts and "love" signs:
you can personalize this wallet
with your initials too.

Valentine's Day necklace:
this is a very sweet gift,
you can say with this necklce "I love You":)

and here is something like a candy;)
sweet and cute:
clock for her with your initials
and lots of pink colors.

This key holder is ideal
for a couple who live together:
just put your initials inside this design:)

and  of course when you
have this key holder, you need 
a matching keychain:)
All those Valentine's Day gifts are personalized,
made especially for you:)

Of course I designed more things for
this occasion.
If you want to check- you can visit my zazzle shop-

Thank you for your time!
Have a nice evening:)