Monday, November 4, 2013

Minecraft Tutorials by Dominik4416 (my son)

Today I would like to show you
some of my son's videos:)
He is a very creative boy,
and he loves to play in Minecraft.
Some time ago, he decided to
make a tutorials about this game.
He does it by himself - without any help.
If you are interested please click 
for links (or photos) below:

Dominik makes a new film every day- so you can find
something interesting for you or your kids:)
I think that he is much better than me in 
computers and other creative things:)

Have a nice evening!


  1. Zdolny ten Twój synek! Tyle już tutoriali stworzył? no no super Mam nadzieję,że inne dzieci się dużo nauczą z tych lekcji.

  2. Dzieki Rebeca:) Dominik codziennie robi nowy filmik i mysli juz o nastepnych:)