Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Funny Devil Girl / Smieszna Dziewczyna Diabel

Today I want to show you
my latest design.
This is a Devil Girl;)
but more funny than scary.
At first I drawn her on a small piece of paper:

Then I scanned my drawing and drawn again in Corel Draw:
What do you think about this drawing? 
do you like it?

If you are interested, you can check my zazzle shop 
to find when I put this design.
Because now, I started to create greeting Cards, 
Invitations, Mugs, etc with this cartoon character:)
Have a nice day!


  1. Haha she looks like she is posessed.

  2. Yes, I like it. I like ALL silly devil girls. That's a great pose, too.

  3. Hi, how are you?! Your drawings are always so cute! About this one, I like the fact that seems kind of coming out! Have a nice day!