Saturday, September 1, 2012

Illustration Friday- Identical / Ilustracja Piatkowa- Identyczny

I think these drawings are good for this week's Illustration Friday theme- Identical.
The colors of hand painted woman doesn't look very good;) because this is an old
picture (I took the picture about 6 years ago,when the  first time I drawn that lady);)
Mysle,ze te dwa rysunki dobrze pasuja na zadany temat - Identyczne- 
Kolory na recznie namalowanej kobietce nie wygladaja za dobrze,
bo to stare zdjecie- zrobilam je chyba z 6 lat temu,kiedy pierwszy raz ja namalowalam.


  1. Nhaiceee,,its one of those that makes you smile..

  2. They are identical but different. The hand drawn one makes her seem warm and cuddly and the digital one makes her bright and confident. Nice idea!

  3. I like these ladies, but the one on the left is holding her breath?

  4. Yes..she looks creepy;)))I know that;)